Exterior vs Interior Waterproofing

Alexandria is a beautiful place to settle down. Nestled between a good balance of nature and city life, it’s no wonder why this area continues to boom and grow. Living in Alexandria also comes with having a basement; if your basement is not protected, you may be susceptible to water intrusion. So, what steps can you take to protect your foundation and basement? Most basement homeowners have heard of sump pumps, but today we will talk about exterior vs interior waterproofing.

Exterior waterproofing

When dealing with wet basements, most problems arise because of the external environment. Exterior waterproofing requires excavation (removal) of soil surrounding the foundation of your home. The excavation of soil allows for work to commence on the foundation wall. Excavation may require the use of machinery depending on how far down digging has to take place.

Once the excavation is completed, a concrete parging material will be used to patch up any cracks in the foundation wall. Next, a liquid waterproofing membrane will be rolled onto the wall. This membrane serves as a barrier to keep water from penetrating the wall. This membrane, while effective, is only a bandage if a drain system is not installed. It’s encouraged to ask your contractor if they’ll be installing a dimpled drainboard and discharge line to transport the water away from the foundation. The dimpled drainboard is similar to a Plinko board, where water will trickle down the grooves until it hits the perforated piping below.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing will take place inside the basement. The perimeter of the basement will be excavated, hauling away the concrete slab and dirt about 1 foot away from the basement wall. Similar to exterior waterproofing, there will be a dimpled drainboard installed on the wall. Parging material and liquid membranes are not used in the interior system.

After the installation of the dimpled matting, an interior drain system will be installed and tied into the existing basement sump pump or would require the installation of a sump pump.

Both methods are effective in aiding to prevent water intrusion, but it is advisable to ensure you also have a sump pump, as the sump pump will actively pump water away from the foundation.

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