Interior Waterproofing

The process of addressing water intrusion from the interior of the house. This method is typically used when exterior excavation is not possible due to space limitations, existing patio, garden, or other structure. This process typically includes a combination of an interior drainboard system, perimeter drain and sump pump. The interior drainboard system captures the water after it passes through the foundation and directs it to the perimeter drain system. The perimeter drain system wraps around the basement collecting any water that is either pushed up from underneath the slab by hydrostatic pressure or comes down along the foundation wall behind the drainboard. The perimeter drain is connected the sump pump basin (basin where the sump pump sits) and directs water to this basin since it’s the lowest point in the system. As the water collects in the basin, the sump pump will pump the water away from the home’s foundation through it’s discharge line.

Our services include:

  • Interior perimeter drain tile systems
  • Drainboard installation (sealed above exterior grade)
  • Sump pump & dehumidifier installation
  • Sump pump replacements
  • Sump pump relocation
  • Crawlspace encapsulation
  • Interior/exterior areaway drains
If you do not see the service you are looking for listed above, please give us a call to inquire. 

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