Underpinning is the reinforcing of an existing building foundation. It’s a process used to repair, strengthen, or extend the depth of an existing foundation. This is traditionally done by by pouring new footing sections underneath the existing footings/foundation wall. Underpinning can also be done by installing helical piers with brackets where the existing foundation can rest on. Underpinning was traditionally done to help with settlement issues but is now commonly used as a way to build downwards by adding valuable square footage to homes. We are able to convert even the smallest of crawlspaces or lack thereof into 8-10′ basements which can be finished to the homeowner’s desires.

Our services include:

  • Traditional underpinning (concrete underpinning sections)
  • Helical pier installation, used to support or jack up settling foundations
  • New construction helical piers for builds on poor soils
  • Small-scale bridge foundations using helical piers (minimizes disturbance)
  • Deck & patio foundations along hill sides

If you do not see the service(s) you are looking for listed above, please give us a call to inquire. 

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