Helical Piers

Helical piers are designed to stabilize and support various structures, playing a vital role in foundation repair. By anchoring into the soil, they provide a robust and secure base for homes, decks, and other lighter structures that may otherwise suffer from shifting or settling over time.

Made from strong steel and featuring helical blades on the lower section, these piers are mechanically advanced into the ground. Once installed to the proper depths, they not only prevent future settlement issues but can also lift structures back to their original position.

At DMV Foundation Solutions, we specialize in helical pier installation, providing a tailored solution to your foundation needs. Whether you are experiencing settlement issues or aiming to restore your property to its initial level stance, our helical pier system might be just what you require.

When Should Helical Piers Be Used?

  • Settlement Issues: If your home or building is showing signs of sinking or settling unevenly, helical piers can provide the necessary support to stabilize the structure.
  • Soil Shifting: In areas prone to soil shifting due to weather changes or other environmental factors, helical piers can anchor the foundation and prevent any future movement.
  • New Construction: Planning to build a new structure? Helical piers can be installed during the construction phase to ensure a stable foundation from the start, especially in areas known for unstable soil conditions.
  • Addition of Extensions or Decks: When adding extensions like porches, decks, or additional rooms, helical piers can be utilized to provide the necessary support and alignment with the existing structure.
  • Historical Building Preservation: If you own or are responsible for an older or historical building, helical piers can be used to preserve the foundation without invasive procedures that might damage the structure.
  • Professional Recommendation: If a professional building inspector or foundation expert recommends helical piers after an evaluation of your property, it’s a clear indication that installation may be necessary for the safety and stability of your structure.

At DMV Foundation Solutions, our experienced team is here to assess your individual needs and determine if helical piers are the right solution for you. We proudly serve Alexandria, Arlington, Washington D.C., and many nearby areas in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Contact us for an assessment, and allow us to tailor a solution to your unique foundation needs.

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