Tree Roots and Your Foundation

If you’re wondering if trees can damage your home’s foundation the answer is yes! So what can you do?

How do I protect my home?

Unless you remove the tree, a root barrier can prevent roots from growing near your foundation. These plastic or metal barriers are placed around the tree’s stump below the soil, directing its roots downward instead of the sides. This prevents the roots from spreading toward your foundation and causing any damage.

How do tree roots damage my home?

Tree roots can damage your foundation in two ways: when they come in direct contact with your concrete foundation or if they absorb too much moisture in the soil below your home.

Direct damage – If the roots crawl against your foundation, their slow movement can lift, break, or crack your concrete.

Moisture and soil – Your foundation was most likely poured over compacted soil. When aggressive tree roots crawl under your foundation, they can absorb the moisture in the soil and create voids. If the roots die and disintegrate, they’ll leave behind more pockets. If these voids grow bigger, your foundation may lose support and settle into the soil under the weight of your home.

What Trees are the “Safest”?

Eastern Redbuds, Crabapples, Star Magnolias, and Serviceberry trees are a few of the most common landscape trees with less invasive roots.

Do I need to cut down my trees? 

You don’t have to cut down trees too close to your home if their roots are not causing any issues or presenting future problems. Some tree roots are not interested in the soil below your foundation and may spread into other areas.

Who can I call? 

If trees are damaging your foundation, call our team at DMV Foundation Solutions. We don’t remove or relocate trees, but we can assess and address any foundation damage caused by invasive tree roots. Contact us today. 

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