Do I Need a Sump Pump?

Many Alexandria homes need a sump pump in order to keep the basement dry and free from foundation issues. Basement flooding can cause structural damage to the entire home. Installing a sump pump will keep your home safe from water-related issues. 

Signs you may need a sump pump

There is water in your basement

Water in the basement is a clear sign that a change is needed. The sump pump will help to prevent additional water leakage into the basement, but it is not the final solution. Chances are you’ll still need further repairs, but the sump pump is a good place to start. 

Your basement has a history of flooding 

Maybe your house flooded once a year ago, but it hasn’t happened again. Chances are, it will. The water already found its way in once through the foundation walls or basement floor and it will again. 

You live in an area with high precipitation 

In Alexandria, we definitely have our “wet” season. There are also several areas in Alexandria, Huntington, and DelRay that are prone to flooding. Installation of a sump pump is a great preventative measure to prevent water intrusion in your home. 

Your home is old 

Let’s be honest, older structures are very prone to flooding because of the number of years they have on them. Throw in a sump pump if the home doesn’t have one already, it’ll be a good investment. 

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