Carbon Fiber Straps for Foundation Repairs

If you’re in need of foundation repairs in your Alexandria home, carbon fiber is a great material to use. It’s made up of strong carbon crystalline filaments which protect it from stretching. 

Before carbon fiber, foundation repairs were made with steel beams and now the industry is moving away from steel. 

Carbon fiber with the combination of epoxy is used in structural repairs. The fabric containing carbon fibers is epoxied to the damaged wall in sections. A steel angle is incorporated into the top of the wall, giving the wall the same amount of strength it had before being damaged. 


Carbon fiber is quick to install. Repairs with carbon fiber straps can be completed in just one day depending on the size of the wall and the severity of the damage. 


The straps are very durable and won’t break or stretch, and the permanency of the repair is difficult to duplicate with other materials and techniques. 


Visibly, it won’t make too much of an impact on the aesthetics of the area it’s being installed. They’ll leave a small bump less than an inch thick. They can easily be painted over to blend in. 


If you’re looking for dependability and zero maintenance, carbon fiber straps are a great option. 


Carbon fiber straps are also more cost-effective than steel beams and more attractive in comparison. 

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